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Clash royale can be incredibly fun if you play with unlimited chests, especially silver, gold and magical chest in your possession. However, getting unlimited gold and gems legitimately would cost you a ton of money. So what other option is left? You can figure out how to hack clash royale and have access to all the useful features the game has to offer for free.

There are a few options for how to hack clash royale. The first would be using websites that claim to have the game hacked. The problem with this websites though is that they are a dime a dozen, so you need the patience to separate the real from the fake. With a little bit of time though and a lot of patience you can eventually find a platform that genuinely helps you hack the game for free.

Another option you can try is a ‘clash royal code’ some gamers claim to have discovered. These codes are simplified forms of the algorithms that control when certain things, like the appearance of a magical or gold chest, happen. Fortunately for all clash royale lovers, the code has been released publicly and is available for anyone to use with a little bit of research. Bear in mind though that you still have to use the code accurately for it to work efficiently.

A final option for how to clash royale gem hack, is to watch several videos available online on how other people have unlocked the game's features, and also interact with follower gamers for tips and advice on how to hack the game yourself. In your search for a working hack method, however, beware of several scams and platforms that at best waste your time by asking you to fill pointless surveys, and at worst infect your device with a virus.